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Environmental Services

 Construction & Facility Management

Operation and Maintenance Services

Remediation Services

GSA Contractor

Certified Woman Owned Business



We are committed to solving problems in an efficient and practical manner that serves our clients by assembling the right mix of expertise, technology, and services. Our goal is to provide technical, environmental and physical development in the fields of  construction management, facility management, geology, transportation, hazardous waste, environmental assessments, remediation, sampling, consulting, health and safety, and document management solutions.


GRB Environmental has extensive project experience in Federal, State, and Private sectors dating back to 1985. GRB has worked on over 900 different sites with project values ranging from under $10,000  to over $1 Billion. No project is too small, too large, or too complicated.


We have worked with dozens of Federal and State Agencies as well as all the Major General Contractors. We provide seamless work production while always meeting our Client's project schedule demands and priorities. GRB's #1 concern is getting the job done properly and timely for our Clients.



GRB Environmental was established in 1985 as a certified WBE and DBE. GRB originally specialized in all types of environmental consulting services such as compliance, monitoring, waste management, hazardous materials management, hydrogeology, and remediation. Throughout our 36 years of experience we have grown from a consultant to providing services through our two different branches of work, Facilities/Construction Management and Full Environmental Service. Our Environmental Service Branch consists of full time Engineers, Scientists, Technicians, Project Managers, and Estimators. Our full services include infrastructure cleaning, salt removal, hazardous waste abatement such as asbestos, lead, mercury, and PCB's, de-watering, health and safety management and oversight, GIS support, Wetlands Compliance and Conservation, Permitting, Phase I and II Investigations, Hydrogeology, Environmental Impact Assessments, Subsurface Site Remediation, Soil/Water/Air sampling, Air/Noise Monitoring.

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